Metropolis Shopping Center
Metropolis Shopping Center

Metropolis Shopping Center

The Metropolis Project is located in Moscow and is a multifunctional center, consisting of a shopping and retail center, three “A-class” office buildings and a multi-level car park, having a total construction area of 350,000 sqm. 


The shopping and retail center comprises a hypermarket with an area of 6,800 sqm, shops, boutiques, a recreation center, food court with an area of 2,700 sqm, a restaurant with a capacity of 380 seats, 12 cinema halls and a fitness center. An underground car park for 1,500 vehicles and an above ground multi-level car park for 1,400 cars will serve the center. 



Offices: TGS , FGS/DP1

General Areas: Concealed Lighting Bant Tipleri

Corridors: DMG/S

Inner Corridors: Sirius Series SPG 195, EXIT ler

Park: ENEX

Wet Areas: VEGA Series SPG 200

Location: Moscow-RUSSIA

Contractor: ENKA

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