Mega Shopping Center
Mega Shopping Center

Mega Shopping Center

Mega Shopping Center’s lighting projects, which are suitable with It’s general concept, Ekate, Belaya Dacha, Krasnoder projects in Russia are all designed by our company. Common places, IKEA and OBI parts, corridors, fast food and parking area of the project designed by our Project team.


In all products we used warm lamp start with optimum filament preheating electronic ballast. Both international lighting standards and lighting levels which are defined by IKEA is provided while decorative lighting fixtures are used that suitable for general lighting concept.


The parts of lighting


A- Mega Comman Places


1-Corridor: Circulation area

Common circulation areas are large areas which have human circulation ever so often architecture,decoration and lighting should be in a harmonic.In general corridors using compact fluerosan downlight so that ,300 lux average lighting level is provided. 


2-Escape Corridors

In escape corridors 200 lux average lighting level is provided by IP 65 waterproof T5 fluorescent lamp fixtures. 


3-Tree Lighting

1000 lux lighting level is reached on the using wall recessed 400w canopy fixtures with asymmetric reflector in triple groups to provide a naturel surroundings. 


4-Wc’s and Wet Areas

In general lighting of wet areas 1x18w 2x 18w compact fluerasan downlight with glasses is used.Besides,holegen spots are used mirrors. In high ceilling areas by using metal halide lamps high efficient and decorative fixtures 300-400 lux lighting levels are provided.Beside general lighting is supported decorative wall fixtures with metal halide lamps. 



In high ceiling areas decorative suspended lighting fixtures is used and entrance is emphasized with lighting effects. 


6-Fast food

Compact fluorosccent downlights with glasses is used for general lighting of fast good areas to get 300 lux.Average lighting level Ip 65 waterproof fluroscent luminaires are used in special areas such as kitchen and cooking areas.Common fast food areas in addition to general lighting pendant luminaires are used. 


7-Car Parks

Because of hard weather conditions in Russia, especially in the winter, 2x58 w waterproof fixtures with polycarbon body and cover that equipped with magnetic ballast and capacitor have been preferred for car parks. 


8-Outdoor Lighting

For lighting of car park area, 8 m height-poles with 250 w high pressure sodium vapour street fixtures. In some areas,by using high pressure sodium floodlights on pylons average 50 lux lighting level is reached.


Other places In Mega Center


B-IKEA And Part of OBI


Other areas in Mega;

In IKEA Office areas In direct lighting fixtures is used for general lighting. In OBI is a market area ,2x58 w 1x58w lineer canal system fixtures with reflector are used for general lighting.

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