Istinye Park Shopping Center
Istinye Park Shopping Center

Istinye Park Shopping Center

As Europe's biggest shopping mall, Istinye Park has a total of 400 thousand square meter area with its residential buildings. The outdoor lighting of Istinye Park is made by LİTPA Lighting in cooperation with Seder that is represented by LİTPA Lighting in Turkey. 


Located between Maslak and Bosphorus, Istinye Park Shopping Mall and Residence Project built on a total of 400 thousand square meter area, of which 270 thousand square meter is closed area, has the virtue of being Europe's biggest shopping mall. 


Istinye Park; with its distinctive architecture and ‘Markalar Caddesi’(marks street), 100 degree angled glass dome, cinemas, entertainment venues, sports facility, restaurant and cafes is serving on a 87 thousand square meter closed area including almost 300 stores. 


Besides, first stage of the Istinye Park Residence Project including 400 residential building is over and other stages of the project are stil carried out. 




With its public square associated open park areas, bazaar where there is a feel of Ottoman architecture innerside and the european trend it incorporates; Istinye Park Shopping Mall is a wellness center project where various concepts are offered all together. 


Outdoor lighting concept is created by usage of Seder luminaires that are modern and decorative because of some significant reasons such as; quality materials used during manufacturig, compatibility with the standards, durability against time and environmental conditions, ability to respond to aesthetic concerns and make this modern archtitecture visually attractive. 


According to this concept; building’s relation with its environment, the perspective it presents, specific image points, its place inside the landscape, reflected lights from structure and surfaces which are within different visual fields and the contrasts created by them, its relation with the surrounding roads and suchlike reasons and international standards have determined the choice of the luminaires. 


As important as the night performance and efficinecy of the chosen luminaires, their aspect in daylight is also considered. Especially Seder's SEPALE, ALURA and FRANCESCA luminaires are chosen for the illumination of Istinye Park, such a special place, thanks to their unique and elegant designs. 


Shopping Mall Entrance Lighting 


At the main entrance of the shopping mall; for emphasizing the entrance and prestige and offering a wellcome to the visitors, Seder's 5 meter length ATOM 2x150W Metal Halide and RGB LED fitted decorative luminaires are used thanks to their modern designs and the various color effects they offer. 

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