Koza Plaza LED

There are 272 offices in Koza Plaza located on TEM in Istanbul. Koza Plaza, the most inclusive office space in Turkey with a total construction site of 125 thousand square-meters, a parking space of 44 thousand square-meters and restaurants, is a good example for smart plaza applications.


The lighting of the entire plaza, including Litpa office, was provided by us. Currently, there are conventional fixture systems (compact fluorescent, halogen downlights, etc.). However, new technological developments, low costs of LED fixtures and their significant energy saving has forced the administration of Koza to search for new facilities.


The quantity of energy to be saved if the lighting of the whole plaza is provided by LED systems, as a result of the studies conducted by Litpa, was presented to the administration and LED systems were used in one only floor for trial purposes. The energy consumed by LED fixtures in this floor was measured for a week, which was then compared to the energy consumed in other floors with conventional lighting systems. Although there was no reduction in the levels of illuminance provided by new LED fixtures, a significant of Koza Plaza agreed to replace all of the lighting fixtures in the plaza with new Litpa SHOPLED and GALAXYLED fixtures.



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