Carrefour Shoppıng Mall LED

Carrefour is Europe’s number-one retailer chain with approximately 16 thousand stores and more than 470 thousand employees in 33 countries. Carrefour, which has laid the foundations of modern retailing in the world, opened its first store in Turkey in the district of İçerenköy in 1993. İçerenköy AVM is the oldest Carrefour in Istanbul.


SHOPLED LED downlight is a lighting fixture which pays for itself in a short time since it is highly efficient and an energy saver with making no concessions on quality of lighting and light depending on the area of use. The highly efficient light produced in LEDs is directed to the intended area by high-purity aluminum reflectors to provide a high level of visual comfort.


The management searched for new technologies because of the maintenance costs of old compact fluorescents used in Carrefour AVMs, their disadvantages over the new technologies and more importantly, low level of illuminance provided by such old units.


As a result of the studies made and projects prepared by LİTPA SHOPLED down-light fixtures were gradually installed as an ongoing project. Measurements made at each stage have shown that the former illuminance levels are exceeded to a great extent and the levels needed in an AVM have been fulfilled.


  • Teknosa LED

    Teknosa LED

    LİTPA has designed its Teknoline LED fixtures to be used in all retail spaces (supermarkets, hobby markets, electronic markets, etc.) These fixtures provide a very comfortable and convenient ambience thanks to the quality of light and low level of glare due to the light passing through a prismatic diffuser.
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  • Koza Plaza LED

    Koza Plaza LED

    There are 272 offices in Koza Plaza located on TEM in Istanbul. Koza Plaza, the most inclusive office space in Turkey with a total construction site of 125 thousand square-meters, a parking space of 44 thousand square-meters and restaurants, is a good example for smart plaza applications.
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