• Teknosa LED

    Teknosa LED

    LİTPA has designed its Teknoline LED fixtures to be used in all retail spaces (supermarkets, hobby markets, electronic markets, etc.) These fixtures provide a very comfortable and convenient ambience thanks to the quality of light and low level of glare due to the light passing through a prismatic diffuser.
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  • Koza Plaza LED

    Koza Plaza LED

    There are 272 offices in Koza Plaza located on TEM in Istanbul. Koza Plaza, the most inclusive office space in Turkey with a total construction site of 125 thousand square-meters, a parking space of 44 thousand square-meters and restaurants, is a good example for smart plaza applications.
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  • Carrefour Shoppıng Mall LED

    Carrefour Shoppıng Mall LED

    Carrefour is Europe’s number-one retailer chain with approximately 16 thousand stores and more than 470 thous...
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