PGS 002

PGS 002

Quasar is created by combining the popular office metal ceiling with a highly aesthetic and efficient illumination unit. It is the perfect solution in applications that require high quality light and significant aesthetic characteristics. The fixture body of Quasar is coupled with the ceiling to create a single unit. It offers uniform light distribution with its high efficiency anti-glare louvres and the optional glass front helps enhance the decorative appearance.PGS 002 is available as double parabolic (DP1) or with glass (C1).


Body: 0.6 mm thick, 6114, A1 quality DKP sheet steel is used in manufacturing. The body is coated with 60-80 microns thick epoxy polyester electrostatic powder dye.


Reflector: The special form of 0.4 mm thick and coated by (99.9%) high purity aluminum reflectors are used.


Glass: 8 mm thick tempered glass is used. A wide choice of glass is available to respond to the specific needs of different applications and decorations.

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Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
PGS 002/218-DP1Dulux L 2x18WIP204.800 gr
PGS 002/318-DP1Dulux L 3x18WIP204.800 gr
PGS 002/218-C1Dulux L 2x18WIP206.600 gr
PGS 002/318-C1Dulux L 3x18WIP206.600 gr