• LED Street Lighting

    LED Street Lighting

    The street fixtures which are produced by Litpa are the products of a high level of technology and accumulation of knowledge besides their aesthetical and technical superiorities, this type of fixtures is the alternative and as a perfect solution for road lighting with their energy saving capacity and the increasing importance of automation in road lighting.

    • LYS 100
      LYS 100
    • LYS 50
      LYS 50
    • LYS 20
      LYS 20
    • LYS 20/DC
      LYS 20/DC
    • LYS 15
      LYS 15
  • Pedestrian Luminaires

    Pedestrian Luminaires

    These fixtures which are preferred for the lighting of parks, gardens, walkways, housing units aim at making a difference in the lighting applications for exterior environments with their aesthetical designs. LED’s with a very high level of efficiency are used and optimum displacement currents have been preferred in these fixtures for energy saving.

    • RNY/T4
    • RNY 4
      RNY 4
    • RNY 2
      RNY 2
    • Cairo
  • LED Park & Garden Luminaires

    LED Park & Garden Luminaires

    Bolard grass lighting fixtures  which offers elegant and  aesthetical solutions for the lighting of parks and gardens, attract attention with their energy saving and efficiency. While they fulfill the requirements of  IP65 protection class, they also  provide a good solution against the corrosive effects caused by the outside environment. 


    • LUXOR
    • 8040
    • 8050
    • Garden and Grass Lighting

    • D-LFB9
    • D-LFK9
    • LSH
    • MSH
  • LED Floodlights

    LED Floodlights

    We offer fixtures which are ideal for area lighting, façade lighting and decorative façade lighting thanks to their strong structures and highly efficiency leds. They offer a magnificient visual feast when used together with RGB Leds thanks to compatibility with Dmx systems.

    • DOZER
    • Herculed Basic
      Herculed Basic
    • Herculed Area
      Herculed Area
    • Herculed Pro
      Herculed Pro
    • Herculed Power
      Herculed Power
    • KYH
    • MDL
    • RTL 9
      RTL 9
    • RTL 12
      RTL 12
    • RTL 18
      RTL 18
    • RTL 24
      RTL 24
  • LED Outdoor Wall Luminaires

    LED Outdoor Wall Luminaires

    Besides creating a pleasent and rich effect in the spaces in which they are used, wall fixtures also fulfill functions such as guidance signs. The fixtures add value to the environment with their  diversity, aesthetical and elegantly structures. 

    • RNW
    • MDW
    • DAP
    • D-LSD
    • D-LYD
  • LED Ground Recessed Luminaires

    LED Ground Recessed Luminaires

    Recessed fixtures offers a more functional and decorative lighting for the lighting of columns,walls and façades thanks to the LED source of light that they use. Their ability to offer power alternatives and the colour of light desired provides flexibility for the projects.

    • HYL-9
    • HYL-12
    • HYL-18
    • HYL-24
    • YLW
  • LED Wallwashers

    LED Wallwashers

    Wallwasher fixtures which are produced from aluminium injection may be used together with DMX systems. This makes it  possible to realize the colour effects desired on the façade by means of RGB leds. While they hide themselves better on the surfaces with their fine and elegant structures they also attract attention with energy saving.  

    • Litpa Quantum Slim
      Litpa Quantum Slim
    • Litpa Quantum Large
      Litpa Quantum Large
    • Litpa Quantum Evo
      Litpa Quantum Evo
    • Led Tube
      Led Tube
    • Flexi Led
      Flexi Led
  • LED Canopy Luminaires

    LED Canopy Luminaires

    Canopy lighting fixtures, which are designed especially for being used in the gas stations, are fixtures with high protection class which are suitable for the conditions of external environment. They are designed such that they can function trouble free for a long time.Besides they are able to reduce the operational costs to the minimum level by providing energy saving.


    • PTL
  • LED Tunnel Luminaires

    LED Tunnel Luminaires

    Litpa Tunnel Luminaires have produced high quality optic with high technology. It presents excellent technical lighting conditions of tunnel luminaires.

    • HCL-T Standard
      HCL-T Standard
    • HCL-T Basic
      HCL-T Basic