Volvo & Renault Truck Assembly Plant Russia
Volvo & Renault Truck Assembly Plant Russia

Volvo & Renault Truck Assembly Plant Russia

Project comprises 41.750 sqm Volvo & Renault Trucks Assembly Building with warehouse premises including some process installations such as Dyno-Test Cabins and Paint Booths. 


Project also includes 5.950 sqm Covered Areas for logistics purposes , 6.200 sqm Administration Building with all fit-out works, 3.150 sqm Volvo Trucks Service Center, 275 sqm. Main Entrance Building, 120 sqm. Guardhouses (2 pcs), 400 sqm. Environmental Station (2 pcs), 350 sqm 


Fire pump station with 2000 m3 fire water reservoir ,120 sqm Power Station, 150 sqm.Truck Wash Building , Waste Water Treatment Plant with 2400 m3 accumulating reservoir and 100 sqm Bridge Connection between the Office and Production Premises. In addition to these facilities, the project includes 150 000 sqm asphalt roads, logistics and delivery areas , 100.000 sqm of landscaping and full scope of on-site utilities. 


Luminaires used:

MMH 400 Metal Halide Endüstriyel Tip Yüksek Tavan Armatürü

FLP Waterproof IP65




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