OPET Petrol Stations
OPET Petrol Stations

OPET Petrol Stations

OPET, which is increasing its market share and station range day by day, is an attention-grabbing huge company in the fuel oil distribution sector in Turkey. As Turkey’s 3. big fuel oil distribution company, OPET and its trademark SUNPET together have over 1300 stations.


LİTPA have assumed all the service and support for the Lighting products and the canopy luminaires that have been specially developed for OPET by LİTPA, all over Turkey. 


OPET have opened Turkey’s first ecological fuel oil station in Maslak Buyukdere Avenue within the frame of its environmental impact. 


Illumination of the station is based on the maximum energy efficiency. MAG 150 recessed type canopy luminaires are used in order to achieve the desired result.


Luminaire Types Used: 

  • FLP etanj luminaires in wet areas.
  • FGS 300/418/DP1, SPG202 luminaires in markets.


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