Toyota Car and Assembly St. Petersburg
Toyota Car and Assembly St. Petersburg

Toyota Car and Assembly St. Petersburg

The plant is located in St. Petersburg, in Russia. With a production capacity of 50,000 cars per year, it is one of the biggest Toyota factories in Europe. The factory is constructed on a 214,000 sqm land plot and has a covered area of 57,000 sqm. 


The plant has four major process shops of 12,000 sqm each, a 5,000 sqm utility shop and a 4,000 sqm of Administration Building.

The major process shops include a paint shop, a general assembly shop, a body shop and a production control shop. All shops are single storey buildings. The plant has a 50,000 sqm of new cars shipping yard and a 27,000 sqm of container yard. 


Luminaires used:

MMH 250 Industrial Type High Bay Luminaires

MMH 400 Industrial Type High Bay Luminaires


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