Temiz&Hijyenik Oda Armatürü

There are some places that cleanness and hygiene are the most important facts. You can use these series that are produced according to international standards in these kind of places with a complacency.These products are designed to meet the professional hygiene requirements. 


Body: Manufactured from 0.6 mm thick A1 quality DKP steel sheet and painted with min. 80 micron electrostatic powder paint. 


Reflector: 0.4 mm thick high pure aluminum. 


Glass: 4 mm thick tempered glass. 

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Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
CHL-F/2362x36W L280x1183 mmIP6510.800 gr
CHL-F/4184x18W L580x580 mmIP6510.550 gr
CHL-F/2542x54W FQ280x1183 mmIP6510.500 gr
CHL-F/4144x14W FH580x580 mmIP6510.250 gr
CHL-F/3553x55W Dulux L580x580 mmIP6510.200 gr
CHL-F/4554x55W Dulux L580x580 mmIP6510.250 gr
CHL-F 002/4184x18W LClip-inTypeIP6510.700 gr
CHL-F 002/4144x14W FHClip-in TypeIP6510.400 gr
CHL-F 002/3553x55W Dulux LClip-in TypeIP6510.350 gr
CHL-F 002/4554x55W Dulux LClip-in TypeIP6510.400 gr