These models are designed for places that have variable lighting needs, such as exhibition areas, museums, shop windows, etc. They provide a reliable and continuous source of light by means of their special aluminum body cooling design. Combining elegant design with ease of installation, they can be used in every type of area. There are two types for mounting: rail-mounted or surface-mounted. Both mounting types are easy and work together. 


Ballast Box:Aluminum profile 


Body: Aluminum injection with cooling channels and painted with min. 80 micron electrostatic powder paint. Can move 180° in vertical and 350° horizantal axis. Glare protection varios light options and d-phase socket.

Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
RMS/AP1x20/35/70W HCI-R111IP201.150 gr
RMS/AP1x35/70/150W HCI-T/HQI-TIP201.150 gr