Leda model offers choices both for surface mounted and recessed applications. The lamp is concealed under the cover at the center of the reflector and the light is reflected by wide base reflector. The lamps are positioned below the fixture level. This helps improve the fixture efficiency and add depth to the ceiling. This base reflector ensures a pleasant and uniform light distribution and creates an attractive appearance on the ceiling. Depending on the ambiance of choice, regular or perforated cover can be used. Perforated cover allows the light to diffuse on the ceiling and the walls to prevent complete darkness on the ceiling and minimize its contrast with the walls. The perforated cover can be dismantled for replacing or maintaining the lamps. 


Body: 0.6 mm thick, 6114, A1quality DKP steel sheet is used in manufacturing. The body is coated with min. 80 microns thick epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint. 


Reflector: The reflectors in the fixtures are made of 0.4 mm thick (99.9%) purity wavy type aluminum. The reflector is coated with min. 80 micron thick electrostatic powder paint. 

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Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
PEM 136P1x36W Dulux L575x575 mmIP206.950 gr
PEM 155P1x55W DuluxL575x575 mmIP206.950 gr
PEM 214P2x14W FH575x575 mmIP206.950 gr
PEM 224P2x24W FQ575x575 mmIP206.950 gr
PEM 002 136P1x36W Dulux LClip-inIP206.950 gr
PEM 002 155P1x55W DuluxLClip-inIP206.950 gr
PEM 002 214P2x14W FHClip-inIP206.950 gr
PEM 002 224P2x24W FQClip-inIP206.950 gr