Titan model creates softly and warmly illuminated applications with indirect lighting. The lamps are concealed under the cover at the center of the reflector and the light reflects both on the front reflector in the middle of the cover and the wide base Tannenbaum aluminum reflector. The double parabolic louvres on the front reflector add to the attractiveness of the fixture, besides allowing the light to concentrate on the application below it. The base reflector, on the other hand, develops a pleasant and uniform light distribution. Depending on the ambiance of choice, regular or perforated cover can be used. Perforated cover allows the light to diffuse on the ceiling and the walls to prevent complete darkness on the ceiling and minimize its contrast with the walls. 


Body: 0.6 mm thick, 6114, A1 quality DKP sheet steel is used in manufacturing. The body is coated with 60-80 microns thick epoxy polyester electrostatic powder dye. (Standart color RAL 9016) 


Reflector: The reflectors in the fixtures are made of 0.4 mm thick (99.9%) purity Tannenbaum aluminum. It is equipped with double parabolic louvre. 


Perforated Cover (P): The perforated cover used in Titan model fixtures are made of 0.6 mm thick DKP sheet steel. There are 1.5 mm diameter holes on the surface of this material to screen the light and create a decorative appearance. The inner part of the perforated cover contains highly light permeable opal flaxylens (American-SPL) to conceal the lamp, prevent glare and diffuse the light. 


Regular Cover (D): 0.6 mm thick 6114, A1 quality DKP sheet steel is used in the manufacturing. 


PEG-PR: for Modular or Plaster ceilings PEG-PR 002 : for Metal ceilings.

Light Report

Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
PEG-PR 236DDulux L 36W575*575 mm7.450 gr
PEG-PR 236PDulux L 36W575*575 mm7.450 gr
PEG-PR 255DDulux L 55W575*575 mm7.450 gr
PEG-PR 255PDulux L 55W575*575 mm7.450 gr
PEG-PR 002/236DDulux L 36WClip-in Type7.450 gr
PEG-PR 002/236PDulux L 36WClip-in Type7.450 gr
PEG-PR 002/255DDulux L 55WClip-in Type7.450 gr
PEG-PR 002/255PDulux L 55WClip-in Type7.450 gr