OFiSLED (LGS) is desıgned to provide high effıcency LED technology to offices, to gather the necessities of the office lighting and the advantages and efficiency of LED technology, also the luminaire type for office ambiance in LED offer solutions to the users. Be able to provide for all suspended ceiling types or brand.  For the optical design of luminaire the most important necessities of office lighting, glare and screen reflectings considered and enhanced the 
Cat1 and Cat2 types of luminaire. As far as classical fluorescent and T5 luminaires by either luminaire efficiency or the high efficiency of the LEDs that used for luminaire can ensure energy conservation and OFiSLED can meet the expense of the energy conservation provided by its own investment.
Body : 6114, A1 Quality DKP sheet
Diffuser: 3mm thick, 92% transparent, 65° light beam angle
LED : Mid-Power
Inner Reflector: Alanod Miro 27 aluminum reflector
Outer Reflector:
(Cat1): Alanod Miro 27/4270AG aluminum reflector
(Cat2): Alanod Miro 20/2000AG aluminum reflector


Light Data

Catalogue Pages

Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
LGS 60-60/3High Efficient Mid-Power LED3.00027IP205.000
LGS 60-60/4High Efficient Mid-Power LED3.90035IP205.000
LGS 30-120/2High Efficient Mid-Power LED5.20052IP205.500