Saturn is the fixture that was developed to create a decorative effect and enable general lighting applications. The special glass processing ensures a very soft general illumination of the surroundings while offering variety in lighting. The unit contains a frosted screen made of tempered glass to filter and soften the light emitted by the lamp. The fixture is enveloped by white or blue sandblasted glass frames.Body: 0.6 mm thick, 6114, A1 quality DKP sheet steel is used in manufacturing. The body is coated with 60-80 microns thick epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint. 


Glass: The fixture contains 5 mm thick sanded surface tempered glass. This prevents damage or danger in case of breaking. The fixture is enveloped in sanded decorative glass band. 


Electrical Elements: Ballast ignition condenser and other electrical elements are contained in a separate ballast box.

Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
MGC 70/BeyazHCI-TS or HQI-TS 70WØ170 mmIP203.700 gr
MGC 150/BeyazHCI-TS or HQI-TS 150Ø170 mmIP204.400 gr
MGC 70/MaviHCI-TS or HQI-TS 70WØ170 mmIP203.700 gr
MGC 150/MaviHCI-TS or HQI-TS 150Ø170 mmIP204.400 gr