LITPA presents the Bolero Series that professionally alleviates installation difficulties on inclined ceilings. It is possible to adjust Bolero to the desired tilt with mounting parts, and it provides maximum light source efficiency with double refraction which reduces glare to a minimum. It is available with Metal Halide or Halogen lamps and is an ideal solution for acoustic concert halls or similar spaces with inclined ceilings. 


Body: Made of injection aluminum in general and painted with 80 microns epoxypolyester powder paint. A1 quality DKP sheet steel is used as 1 mm thick for the front frame and 0.8 mm thick for the back part. 


Reflector: Made up of three reflectors. Reflectors in the front and in the middle parts are 1 mm thick and vacuum anodised. 


Available with Metal Halide and Halogen lamps.

Light Report

Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
BOLERO 70HCI-T 70WØ208 mmIP202.400 gr
BOLERO 150HCI-T 150WØ208 mmIP202.400 gr
BOLERO 100Halolux 100WØ208 mmIP202.400 gr
BOLERO 150Halolux 150WØ208 mmIP202.400 gr
BOLERO 205Halolux 205WØ208 mmIP202.400 gr