This model offers a perfect combination of the Mars model fixtures with the aesthetic qualities of glass. Decorators and designers are invited to enjoy the refreshing possibilities offered by a range of glass choices-the material vitally important for the illumination design of spaces-matched with a high efficiency cutting-edge fixture. 


Body: The fixture body is manufactured with 6114, A1 quality 0.6 mm thick DKP sheet steel material. The body is painted with 80 microns epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint. 


Reflectors: The special form of 0.4 mm thick( 99.9%) purity anodized aluminum reflectors offer high efficiency. 


Front Glass: On the fixture 8 mm thick special tempered front glass is mounted with special omium screws. 


The glass choices are: SC2: Frosted center, transparent edge. SC3: Frosted SC4: Transparent center, frosted edge.

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Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
KGS 226/SC2Dulux D 26W265*265 mmIP205.350 gr
KGS 226/SC3Dulux D 26W265*265 mmIP205.350 gr
KGS 226/SC4Dulux D 26W265*265 mmIP205.350 gr
KGS 218/SC2Dulux D 18W265*265 mmIP204.950 gr
KGS 218/SC3Dulux D 18W265*265 mmIP204.950 gr
KGS 218/SC4Dulux D 18W265*265 mmIP204.950 gr