Mars model fixtures with BC type glass offer a fantastic and multi-purpose solution to illuminate your space. The tempered and specially hollowed sanded glass diffuses light to perfection. The light reflects very softly on the ceiling to create a pleasant general appearance. BC type glass can be used in single or double layers. The hollowing of the glass prevents any possible glass related loss. 


Body: The fixture body is manufactured with 6114, A1 quality 0.6 mm thick DKP sheet steel material. The body is painted with 80 microns epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint. 


Reflectors: The special form of 0.4 mm thick 99.9% purity anodized aluminum reflectors offer high efficiency. 


Front Glass: On the fixture 8 mm thick special tempered front glass is mounted with special omium screws. The center of the sand glass is hollowed. The glass cover can be mounted in single or double layer. 


The glass choices are: BC1: Single layer BC2: Double layer

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Code Lamp Cut-Out (mm) Protection Class Weight (gr)
KGS 218/BC1Dulux D 18W265*265 mmIP204.950 gr
KGS 226/BC1Dulux D 26W265*265 mmIP205.350 gr
KGS 218/BC2Dulux D 18W265*265 mmIP206.800 gr