ENDILED - Longlife
LBS Longlife Luminaires are industrial type luminaires that can be used in areas where replacement is difficult. They are luminaires that can be used without needing to change for a long time. The special type, long life and high efficiency driver / LED are used in these Luminaires and therefore the life time of the luminaires is maximized. The body of the luminaire is made of aluminum extrusion material and end caps are manufactured by aluminum injection. The optical elements used in the luminaires have been developed to offer 3 different options depending on the height of the ceiling: narrow, medium and wide angle.
Body:  Aluminum extrusion body and aluminum injection end caps. 
Reflector: Alanod Miro-Silver 4
Diffuser: Tempered glass or film laminated shatterproof tempered glass


Light Data

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Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
LBS LLHigh Efficiency Midpower LEDs14.700148IP667.800