ELP/T are products designed for industrial uses with aluminum extrusion bodies. Luminaires are produced with high technology and luminaire efficiencies are at high level. It is suitable for use in many areas of the industry such as production areas, storage areas, especially in high ceiling areas. Anodized aluminum reflectors specially produced in the fixtures are used.
The high thermal conductivity aluminum body and PCB leds provide trouble-free operation for many years without any efficiency.
• Special light distribution for industrial applications 
• Glare control, low glare 
• Industrial special sulfur proof led
• High purity aluminum reflector, Alanod MIRO-SILVER
• Aluminum W2 Pcb
• High efficiency driver with 100.000 h lifetime
• Leds are used at 50% of the maximum driving currents for long life. 
Body: Aluminum injection
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Maintenance: No internal cleaning required

Light Data

Catalogue Pages

Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
ELP-TMid-Power Led7.50075IP651.85 Kg