Depending on the project's purpose, these can be used in a consecutive arrangement, at intervals, or individually. Its functional structure can provide downward or upward light, providing a perfect solution for corridors and passageways. 


Body:Extruded aluminum painted with min. 80 micron electrostatic powder paint. 


Diffuser: 3 mm thick opal acrylic.


Ürün Kataloğu

Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
DWS 2142x14W FHIP203.480 gr
DWS 2242x24W FQIP203.480 gr
DWS 2282x28W FHIP207.650 gr
DWS 2352x35W FQIP209.740 gr
DWS 2492x49W FQIP209.740 gr
DWS 2542x54W FQIP207.650 gr
DWS 2802x80W FQIP209.740 gr