A decorative product that will address the needs of surface mounted Metal Halide applications. They allow you to adjust the level of light with 3 or 4 lamp options. They provide lighting that offers a spacious feeling with elegant hanger strings that make the fixture seem like it is flying. Different levels of performance can be achieved with the same product through different reflector alternatives. One can obtain the desired performance without any loss of light by means of a gasket that can move on two axes.


Body: Aluminum extrusion. 


Reflector: Manufactured with 1mm thick high pure (99.9%) aluminium. 


Glass: 3.5 mm tempered glass and special screwed. 

Light Report

Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
DMS/K4x35-70-150W HCI-TIP206.000 gr
DMS/K4x35-70-150W HQI-TIP206.000 gr
DMS/KR111IP206.000 gr