The AKM system is designed for your variable lighting requirements and is an indication of how much we care about your special requests. We offer you elegant and powerful lighting with an aluminum fixture body that is compatible with suspended ceilings. 


AKM is a system developed to meet the changing needs of the environment. The need for general lighting, spotlight and object lighting, sound systems and air conditioning can be met with the AKM System. Its module structure and dimensions can be adjusted to suit your special needs. 


Body: Body and front panel are manufactured from 1mm thick DKP steel sheet and coated with 80 micron texture paint. Aeration channels are manufactured from DKP steel sheet 0.6 mm thickness and coated with 80 micron electrostatic powder paint.

Ürün Kataloğu

Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
AKM 2702x70W HCI-T/HQI-TIP2020.500 gr
AKM 2352x35W HCI-T/HQI-TIP2020.500 gr