Istanbul Subway Stations
Istanbul Subway Stations

Istanbul Subway Stations

The Istanbul Metro, is a mass-transit underground railway network that serves the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The system currently consists of a single north-south line. It is serpentine shaped and is fully underground, running from the Atatürk Oto Sanayi station at Maslak in the north to the sishane station at Beyoglu in the south. 


Istanbul Metro Stations:

Atatürk Sanayi Metro Istasyonu

Sanayi Metro Station

Haciosman Metro Station

Darussafaka Metro Station

Seyrantepe Metro Station

Kabataj Funicular Station

Sishane Metro Station 


Luminaires used:

FGS 418/WP IP65

FGS 136/WP IP65

FGS 236/WP IP65

FGS 418/P Prismatic Diffuser

FLP-TV 136-236 IP65 Polycarbonate

SPG160/118, SPG160/218 Compact Fluorescent

Emergency fixtures



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