Road Lighting Fixture with Solar System
STREETRAY road fixtures can be used in all areas of road lighting including M1 motorways, urban street lighting and lighting of alleys. Its monolithic integrally cooled die-cast aluminum body structure extends the life of light source and reduces maintenance costs. Streetray also offers many features such as angle adjustable mounting bracket, channel water management and bird repeller which can optionally be installed. The fixture’s body is designed to be suitable for all kinds of urban automation. Automation systems which can be used in Wi-Fi, Zigbee, RF, PLC, Dali, KNX systems are also available upon request.
Body: Injected aluminium
LED: High Efficient Power Led
Reflector: Furukawa MC PET
Glass: 5 mm thick and tempered, ground with serigraphic printing


Light Data

Catalogue Pages

Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
LYS 20/30/DCHigh Efficiency Power LEDs3.63030IP665.700
LYS 20/40/DCHigh Efficiency Power LEDs4.84040IP665.700
LYS 20/50/DCHigh Efficiency Power LEDs6.05050IP665.700