JET 3 AS/70W-150W asymmetric projector

LİTPA's waterproof floodlights are suitable for the outdoors and their different optical features serve a variety of purposes. 


LİTPA's JET 3 Asymmetrical projectors have housings of IP65 protection class making them resistant to dust, water, humidity and high-pressurized water. This provides a complete resistance against corrosion that can be caused by sea-water or industrial acids. 


Front glass is 5 mm. thick and has been specially tempered making it resistant to impact and temperature changes. There is a silicon gasket between the glass cover and housing body. This gasket provides IP65 protection and also prevents deformations, which can be caused by constant exposure to heat from the light bulb and ultraviolet rays. 


Reflectors are made of high purity anodized aluminum and do not change color in time. 


Available in black or white colour. 

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Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
JET 3/150HQI-TS 150WIP654.650 gr
JET 3/70WHQI-TS 70WIP654.650 gr