Thanks to Dark optics specially developed for high light control, we achieve high light control without reducing the luminaire efficiency.CAT1(Darklight) lighting is provided by these special optics. Cover application on the luminaires can be used to reduce the light level of the linear system and create a decorative effects. The White - Dark optical structure, which is especially used by Litpa, combines the concepts of high light control and spacious environment in harmony, which are very difficult to come together. On top of that, it provides high efficiency. The opal diffusers developed by Litpa combine the spaciousness of diffuse light with efficiency due to its high permeability. It is a good solution for different architectural quests with its continuous production in desired length and creating soft environments.
Black reflectors are the most successful optical elements in environments where there is light escape and reflector reflections should be minimized. Office, laboratory and so on. These are the types of luminaires that can be the best solution for environments.
It is a very sensitive issue that the luminaires can be customized in terms of ideal conditions and the luminaires show a harmonious appearance to the decoration. Dark-inn luminaires easily handle such situations.
Body: Aluminum injection
Reflector : Polycarbonate

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Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
DLG/BBBBBMid-Power Led6.10055IP202.400