Black Sea Tunnels
Black Sea Tunnels

Black Sea Tunnels

The Black Sea Region, which covers almost the entire north of Turkey is where the blue sea and green forests come together, and of which has been given the name neighbour to the Black Sea. 


The Black Sea Coastal Road Project, represents a unique road, connecting Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia to Turkey, and furthermore to Europe, through Turkey.


The project covers a total of 29 tunnels, encompassing 17 double tubes, 12 single tubes, 6 previously completed tunnels, on route of around approximately 350 km., being the total length between Giresun and Sarp. (The total length of all tunnels is 33 km.) 


The Tunnel construction works project includes: electrical, electronical, electromagnetical and various other control systems, of which were put out to tender Siemens in 2007 by General Directorate of Highways, and of which were completed in 2009. 


In terms of project scope and technology, the Black Sea project has shown to be one of the most important projects in the world, and has been recognized with the collaboration and upmost support of LİTPA & Seder. The lighting projects and lighting fixtures have been provided by Seder, for a total of 23 tunnels and approaching roads, and a total of 4050 pcs. luminaire usage. 


The Project Design in tunnels consists of Counter-Beam Lighting Systems which are compatible with CIE 88-2004. As required in the tender document, die-cast aluminium body AF4, with various reflector type and power options for tunnels, and IPSO that is made in accordance with CIE 140 standards on approaching roads, have been used.


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