Tyumen Theatre
Tyumen Theatre

Tyumen Theatre

A theater building was existing in Tyumen as in any other Russian city. But, it was aggreed to build a magnificient theater building instead of this small and inadequate building. This new building that has 35000 square meter closed area was built on the main avenue of the city and the square where celebrations were made. Inside the building, there are one big and one small performance hall, rehearsal rooms, administrative and service areas, decor, costume and suchlike ateliers and other service areas. 


Although the building has been decorated in classic style, latest facilities of technology has been used in every area. On the magnificient facade of the building at the right and the left, there are sculptures of Thaleia and Melpomenenin, who are accepted as the mother and father of art.


Tyumen Theater Building is illuminated by the cutting edge technology and high efficiency downlights and is also adorned with chandeliers, wall fixtures and suchlike luminaires harmonic with the neoclasscial structure. Especially the magnificient large saloon is illuminated by the BOLERO series luminaires that was developed for this type of areas. BOLERO series luminaires are chosen hence their high efficiency, triple reflector structure that avoid glare, design that allows interference above the ceiling and on the curved ceiling. Specially produced chandeliers are used to increase the decorative effect. Private lodges and suchlike places within the saloon are illuminated by golden yellow GALAXY series downlights. With their stylish and elegant structure, special cooling that takes away the heat on the lamp, and installation and maintanence ease the GALAXY series downlights have offered a good solution for effect illumination. 


Places such as foyers are illuminated by SIRIUS series downlights with vacuum anodized reflectors. Also these places are visually decorated with chandeliers so that classical ambiance was strenghtened. 


VEGA series downlights, with a range of glass choice according to the room features, are used to illuminate wet areas, dressing rooms and suchlike places. 


In administrative areas inside the building, FGS series recessed type ceiling luminaires are used. FLP-TV etanj luminaires of IP66 protection class with polycarbonate body and cover are used in maintanance and parking areas and ateliers. 


The purpose of the facade lighting was to dramatically strenghten the architectural form of the building. An effective illumination is provided by using both metal halide and LED sources on the facade. White color is chosen as the light color. omatic contrast between white color and illuminance is used in order to create depth and express architectural layers. 


MH 150W, JET2, JET3 MH 400W, JET5, MH 1000W, JET 1000 floodlights are used for lighting. Building frontal and the layers on the facade are illuminated by LDW series LED products. 


While illuminating Tyumen Theater Building, structure, project and application needs were taken in hand for the choice of the products to be used. All the illumination and quality values were provided above the international standards. Project: Tyumen Theater Building 


Owner: Tyumen Municipality 


Contractor: Kontek Construction 


Electrical Contracting Firm: AE ARMA 


Lighting Design: Hakan UNSALAN, Recep Ali AYNACI 


Luminaires Used: 


Outdoor Lighting: 


ET 1000 As, JET 5, JET 3, JET2 floodlights  LDW LED luminaires 


Indoor Lighting: 



  • DH 2003
  • VEGA
  • FLP
  • FGS series


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